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The Time-Space Percentage Quiz

The Time-Space Percentage (T/S%) is the single most important number for a family child care provider to accurately calculate on  her tax return. It will make the biggest difference in reducing your taxes. The T/S% represents the proportion of your… Read More ›

Are CACFP Reimbursements Taxable Income?

This question continues to confuse some family child care providers, Food Program (CACFP) sponsors, and tax professionals. The short answer is Yes. There is an exception – reimbursements received for a child care provider’s own child is not taxable income…. Read More ›

The Case of the Fading Receipt

A family child care provider goes to a discount store, purchases an item for her business and gets a receipt. She carefully saves the receipt in a large envelope only to discover at the end of the year that the… Read More ›