What Can You Deduct as an Office Expense?

What Can You Deduct as an Office Expense? Bank charges/fees, books (any of my family child care business books) Minute Menu Kids Pro annual fee, computer software (Windows, Quickbooks, etc.) Membership dues to The Child Care Business Partnership, child care… Read More ›

Taking Care of Business

Alisha Harrison, a family child care provider, had a few minutes to review her records before the children started to arrive on Monday morning. She glanced at her contract. “Let’s see,” she thought to herself as she checked off each… Read More ›

2013 Tax Changes

By Tom Copeland Here are the key tax changes for 2013 that will affect family child care providers. * A new IRS Safe Harbor rule allows providers to deduct up to $1,500 of their house expenses without receipts. To see… Read More ›