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Claiming Car Expenses

Here’s a transcript of my podcast, “Claiming Car Expenses.” Welcome! You’re listening to Tom Copeland’s Taking Care of Business. I’m Tom Copeland, and I’ve been a trainer, author and advocate for the business of child care for over 30 years…. Read More ›

2013 Standard Mileage Rate Announced

The IRS has announced that the 2013 standard mileage rate will be $.565 per mile for business trips. The 2012 standard mileage rate is $.555 for such trips. Family child care providers using this standard mileage method may also deduct the following… Read More ›

2011 Tax Changes

There have been a number of significant tax changes this year that affect family child care providers. All of them are beneficial and they will help reduce your taxes. For details, see my 2011 Family Child Care Tax Workbook and… Read More ›