The Child Care Business Partnership: Tom Copeland, KidKare (formerly Minute Menu) and You!


Announcing a Valuable Service for Users of KidKare!

Tom Copeland and KidKare (formerly Minute Menu) have teamed up to offer you the chance to reduce your taxes, receive direct assistance if you are audited, and personalized business advice so you can be more successful.

All for only a $15 annual fee! And it’s 100% tax deductible!

Money back guarantee: If you contact Tom by email or phone and ask how you can reduce your taxes, he will tell you how to reduce your taxes by at least $15 or your money back!

It’s the best business investment you can make for $15.

Join Now!

If you join the Child Care Business Partnership here’s what you will get:

1) Review Your Tax Return – Tom can review your KidKare reports to make sure you are claiming all your allowable deductions and he can review your current and last year’s tax return to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes. My review of tax returns usually always saves providers money!

2) Personal Record Keeping Help – Tom will show you how to effectively use the Accounting module of KidKare (formerly Minute Menu Kids Pro) so you cans save time and money. (See more)

Note: See a sample of one of my instructional videos: Introduction to the KidKare Accounting Section.

3) IRS Audit Assistance – Tom will offer you extensive assistance if you are audited by the IRS or your state to help reduce your stress and save you money. (See more)

4) Personalized Business Advice – Tom will answer your questions about all aspects of your business (taxes, contracts, marketing, legal, insurance, money management and retirement) so you can be more successful and spend more time with children and your family. (See more)

This is the ultimate partnership for family child care business management. Tom is the nation’s leading family child care business expert and KidKare is the nation’s favorite family child care business management software.

See more about them and why they have formed this partnership.

Join the Child Care Business Partnership today!

Here’s how:

* If you already use the Accounting Module of KidKare, you can join now

If you use KidKare but don’t have the Accounting Module, you must order it from KidKare.

* If you don’t have KidKare, you must order it from KidKare

You must have the Accounting Module of KidKare to be able to join our Partnership. If you currently pay to use KidKare, you have the Accounting Module. If you currently use KidKare but aren’t sure if you have the Accounting Module, contact Tom at

I look forward to working with you and helping your business become more successful!

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