The Best of My First 500 Blog Articles


Last week I posted my 500th blog article!

I started this blog in September 2010 with the idea of creating a library of business resources to help family child care providers be more successful in their business.

I also wanted to create a place where child care providers could ask me questions, learn how they could bring my trainings to their town, listen to my live webinars and buy my books.

I appreciate everyone’s interest in my work and hope that it has been useful. Let me know how I can improve my blog! (

You can access my past articles by going to the Index and look for articles under the main topic areas of Advocacy, Contracts & Policies, Legal & Insurance, Marketing, Money Management and Retirement, Record Keeping & Taxes, and Starting Your Business. Or you can use the Search function shown in the right hand column using key words (sale of home, IRA, etc.).

My first article was Deduct 6 Meals?. Here’s a selection of some of the best articles I’ve written so far (in my opinion!), in case you missed them:


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Changes Policy!

IRS Tax Court Accepts a Time-Space Percentage of 93%

A Plan to Eliminate Illegal Child Care

Contracts & Policies

What to Do When a Parent Shows Up Drunk

Are Infants Worth More to You Than Preschoolers?

Legal & Insurance

Can You Legally Discuss Your Child Care Rates?

Should You Incorporate Your Family Child Care Business?


What’s the Measure of Your Success?

Finder’s Fee: An Effective Marketing Tactic

Money Management & Retirement

I Can’t Get a Loan Because My Profit is Too Small! Now What?

Where Should I Invest My Money for Retirement?

Record Keeping & Taxes

It’s Deductible! Why Shouldn’t I Buy It?

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Reduce Your Taxes

What is a Popsicle Worth to You?

Starting Your Business

Top Three Record Keeping Tips for New Providers

How Much Do You Want to Earn?

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Here’s to the next 500 articles!

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  1. How many years does a FCC Provider required to maintain former records of children kept in the past, and no longer enrolled?
    Family Childcare Provider

  2. Keep your attendance records for at least 3 years. Otherwise, there is no federal requirement to keep records. Your state may require keeping some records. Keep records of any injuries for until the child reaches age 21.

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