The Business of Family Child Care DVD with Tom Copeland

6a0133f3fc5805970b014e5f66070c970c-320wiThis 25-minute DVD is a perfect tool to orient new family child care providers to their business responsibilities. It features family child care providers talking about how they keep records and run their business in a positive, easy-to-understand manner.

I am featured in the DVD as is Jeanna Becker, Director of the Soho Center, a non-profit organization in Virginia that works to improve the lives of children and families. A number of years ago we partnered to create this DVD to help introduce business issues in a nurturing way.

The DVD has been used by trainers, licensing agencies, Food Program sponsors, Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, and thousands of child care providers across the country. Some of the many positive reviews:

* “This video is a must for family child care trainers and a valuable addition to child care resource libraries.” – Kathy Modigliani, Wheelock College

* “A wonderfully produced presentation that covers important rules in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.” – Mary Layton, Child Welfare League of America

* “Tom Copeland’s straight forward tips, supported with provider interviews and pleasant narration, sends a positive message to all child care providers.” Carolyn Montanair, training specialist

The DVD costs $25 (no shipping). You can order it online using PayPal. Or send a check to The Soho Center, 1564 West Hoover Road, Madison, Virginia 22727.

Photo credit: The Soho Center

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  1. Can small home based child care providers use this DVD?

  2. Yes! Thousands have purchased it.

  3. This DVD can help thousands of parents, especially the first time parents on how to take care their child.

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