The Child Care Business Partnership – Details

Here are more details about what you get by joining the Child Care Business Partnership with KidKare (formerly Minute Menu) and Tom Copeland:

1) Personal Record Keeping Help – I will show you how to effectively use the Accounting module of KidKare so you can save time and money.

* You will learn how to identify all allowable business deductions, the three most important records to enter into KidKare each month, how to reconstruct records if you have lost them, and much more.

* I can conduct a periodic review of your data in the Accounting module to make sure you are entering each item properly. I can also give advice about how to improve your record keeping.

* I can conduct an end-of-year review of your records/reports before you file your tax return to make sure you are claiming every allowable deduction.

* Whether you do your own taxes or use a tax professional, I can review your tax return before you submit it to the IRS to make sure you are not making any mistakes that can cost you money. I can help you better communicate with your tax professional.

Here’s how this would work: You can call me at anytime to ask questions about using KidKare (how to enter expenses, how to track hours worked, etc.). You could allow me to see your screens from KidKare and I can give more specific feedback about how to take advantage of all its features. I can also look at your reports in KidKare at the end of the year to make sure there are no mistakes as you get ready to do your own taxes, or turn over your data to your tax preparer.

2) IRS Audit Assistance – I will offer you extensive assistance if you are audited by the IRS or your state to help reduce your stress and save you money.

* I can answer your questions via telephone or email about the audit process. I can write letters defending your position that you can use with your auditor and I can advise you throughout the audit process and on appeal (if necessary).

* Over the years I’ve assisted many family child care providers who have been audited and I have saved them thousands and thousands of dollars. I’ve won five US Tax Court cases for providers. Let me put my expertise to work for you.

* I can only help you in audits that are directly related to your family child care business. I won’t be legally representing you in your audit.

3) Personalized Business Advice – I will answer your questions about all aspects of your business (taxes, contracts, marketing, legal, insurance, money management and retirement) so you can be more successful and spend more time with children and your family.

* Need ideas to promote your program to fill spaces? Not sure what to say to a parent who continues to show up late to pick up her child? Do you know if your homeowner’s insurance actually protects your furniture and appliances? Call or email me and I’ll answer all your business questions.

* I have over 30 years of experience answering provider’s questions. Let me help you!

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