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Announcing a Service for Users of KidKare (formerly known as Minute Menu Kids Pro)!

Tom Copeland and KidKare have teamed up to offer you the chance to reduce your taxes, receive direct assistance if you are audited, and personalized business advice so you can be more successful.

All for only a $15 annual fee! And it’s 100% tax deductible!

Money back guarantee: If you contact Tom by email or phone he will tell you how to reduce your taxes by at least $15 or your money back!

It’s the best business investment you can make for $15.

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If you join the Child Care Business Partnership here’s what you will get:

1) Free review of your tax return –
Tom can review your current or last year’s tax return to see if you made any errors. He can spot missing deductions and let you know if they were prepared properly. Make sure you pay no more in taxes than you owe!

2) Personal Record Keeping Help – Tom will show you how to effectively use the Accounting module of KidKare so you cans save time and money. (See more)

3) IRS Audit Assistance – Tom will offer you extensive assistance if you are audited by the IRS or your state to help reduce your stress and save you money. (See more)

4) Personalized Business Advice – Tom will answer your questions about all aspects of your business (taxes, contracts, marketing, legal, insurance, money management and retirement) so you can be more successful and spend more time with children and your family. (See more)

Members of the Partnership will be able to view a series of instructional videos on how to more effectively use the Accounting section of KidKare.

Here’s an example of one video “Introduction to KidKare Software.”

This is the ultimate partnership for family child care business management. Tom is the nation’s leading family child care business expert and KidKare is the nation’s favorite family child care business management software.

See more about them and why they have formed this partnership.

Join the Child Care Business Partnership today!

Here’s how:

* If you already use the KidKare, you can join now

* If you don’t have the KidKare software you must order it from KidKare

You must have KidKare to be able to join our Partnership. Some sponsors have purchased KidKare for their providers. If so, you must still purchase a membership in The Child Care Business Partnership to take advantage of the Partnership benefits.

I look forward to working with you and helping your business become more successful!

Tom Copeland –

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  1. Good evening Tom,
    My name is Pamela Garlich and we met at the CACFP Round table Conference in LA area. One of the three ladies, who took a picture with you. LOL Again, thank you for your information you provided for all the providers. I have one question, regards to the kidcare program. Is there anyway, you can make it to where we can sort by company? Example: If I wanted to see all my expenses at Home Depot, I could clink on Home Depot and it would show me the dates and how much I’ve spent there. Hopefully, this can be implemented to the new program. Keep my updated.

    Sincerely, Pamela Garlich

    • I don’t have Kidcare yet but I use neat receipts with my Fujisu scanner so I have a digital receipt copy as well which I love nice when referring back to things for many reasons. You can sort to your hearts desire with this program. I will print my reports at end of year/quarter and just put my numbers into KidKare/Minute Menu which takes not time at all. I can’t tell how much I love using this program along with KidKare/Minute Menu, but if KidKare/Minute Menu becomes more like neat receipts where I could sort, customize multiple ways and scan and save a copy of my receipts that would rock! one program to meet all needs would be sweet but until then this combo works great for me check it out!

  2. Joined today the Childcare Business partnership…excited to finally get help. 🙂

  3. Tom, I’m trying to print reports from Minute Menu from 2014 year and the only ones that come up is the 8829. The schedule C, vehicle Mileage report don’t co,me up correctly. do you know why that is?

    • No, I don’t. You need to contact Minute Menu directly to ask for help.

      • Hello I have sent several emails and getting no response. I signed up for the KidKare program. Received and email to confirm information. Followed what it told me to do. It tells me password is incorrect. I try to reset it through the emails that keeps getting sent to me. It tells me Token incorrect when I am trying to put in new password. Please help correct this. I have not even had a chance to look thru the program and my trial is running out. Thank you Holly Racer email: donnarae43@hotmail.comy

  4. I joined your childcare partnership and have ad my taxes done. I’m having to pay this year more than ever. How can I go about having you look them over?I feel like she didn’t use all of my deductions and I’m ignorant when it comes to tax preparation.

  5. I joined the partnership, is there anything else I need to do? Is there a specific page to join to get access to the benefits?

  6. I have,or I say that the License is to old and they you’d change they’re laws about children,not all children are infant,children that are three months,to one year are infant,a child in this generation,at one year,are
    talking,walking,eating and involve in playing,they are also some exception. The organizations like WU YEE,Children council, etc…are displace because the providers are not taking children from them.Two
    reason :One they do not pay well,and second they” LICENSE” do not permits, to many INFANTS.A person that leaves in the city of San Francisco can not survive with children from this ,or any organization,
    So,Wat the organizations are going to do about this dilemma?. I will like to her from any body that are in
    child care dilemma.
    Thank you
    Cecilia Del Carmen Boyer

  7. Dear Mr. Copland,

    Do you hold seminars or provide material on Child Care Ministries?

    Kindest Regards!

  8. Hi Tom,

    I am located in Maine and my CACFP sponsor has not rolled out the update to KidKare. I am still using Minute Menu. I have been looking over your instructional videos and I like the looks of the software since I will already be using it for my food program anyway whenever it gets rolled out to us here.

    I currently track my attendance / income / expenses / other time spent activities in your Redleaf Calendar Keeper. I do not think we are getting access to KidKare until near October. In your professional opinion, would there be any benefit to transferring the data from my Calendar Keeper into KidKare that late in the year?

    And if I do transfer it, how would that work with the time spent outside of business? Say it took me 12 hours to enter the whole year worth of data. I have already been tracking the time spent on bookkeeping activities to put it into my Calendar Keeper. Wouldn’t that be like double dipping to up my time spent hours?

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Thank you,

  9. The benefit of transferring data into KidKare later this year is that you can then print out a series of reports that will save you time doing your taxes. The downside is the time you will spend adding this data. You can count the hours you spend transferring this data. It’s not double dipping to also count the time putting it originally into the Calendar Keeper. It’s all record keeping time.

  10. Dear Mr. Copeland,

    Ms. Miller from UFT told me that I might reach out to you for the following question

    Is it true or not that LLCs with less than 5 employees do not need to provide worker’s compensation.

    I will appreciate your guidance,

    Manny Zevallos

    • The answer depends on what state you live in. Each state sets its own rules regarding when workers compensation insurance is required Check with your state workers compensation office for the answer in your state.

  11. Hi Tom,

    I am a daycare provider in MN. I have a question relating to hiring a daycare helper very part time. I hired a helper 4 hr/week for the remainder of 2017 so she will not be working for me more than 30 days in 2017. This allows me to run necessary errands 1 time a week during the day. This is a substitute daycare provider that comes into my home with all her own required training.

    I have basically 2 questions if you can shed some light on them.
    1. Can I issue her a 1099 at the end of this year?
    2. Going into 2018 where she could potentially work more days, do I need to treat her an an employee? If so, does this mean I need to pay payroll taxes and potentially get workers comp insurance on the helper?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Vicki Knotz

  12. This helper is your employee unless she is self employed in the business of providing substitute care. She need to be working for other providers, have her own business name, register her name with the state and have her own EIN. If so, you can issue her a Form 1099. If not, you must treat her as an employee and do all the federal and state payroll taxes and get workers compensation insurance. If she doesn’t meet the above requirements she is your employee regardless of how little you pay her.

  13. is it still worth signing up for kidkare if I dont have a food program?

  14. i like this system, i live in Washington where we are soon going to be required to also have an electronic sign/in out system for our clients….Will you be adding that on to your system anytime soon?

  15. Good evening Tom,

    I currently use your Calendar Keeper to track all my data. I am doing my homework on KidKare, and so far I am liking it very much. If I go with KidKare, do still recommend to use your Calendar Keeper?

    Thank you for your time!



  16. Good Morning Tom,

    Just got my taxes back and noticed my tax lady didn’t put in all my amounts correctly that I gave her wondering if I should amend my taxes or let it go? Example the animal food (I’m with youngstar and was told I have to have animals for my daycare. I have 2 rabbits. Tax lady shared the food and shared the amount for toys I bought this year that is just for daycare).


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