Three January Webinars Hosted by Tom Copeland


I’ll be hosting three webinars this month for family child care providers:

January 12th: 8 Things Every Family Child Care Providers Should Know About Organizing Their Paperwork

This webinar will cover:

  • Which records you can keep and which you can toss
  • How long to keep your records
  • What records your tax preparer needs to have
  • How to organize your records to save time
  • How to use the space in your home to better manager your records

The webinar is one hour long and starts a 8:30pm Eastern Time. The cost is $25.

January 19th: What’s New? Tax Changes You Should Know for Your 2015 Return

Each year Congress passes new tax laws that affect family child care providers. This webinar will cover all of these new laws and explain how you can take advantage of them to reduce your taxes. The webinar will cover:

  • New mileage and standard meal allowance rates
  • New repair vs. improvement regulations
  • New $500 and $2,500 rule for deducting items
  • New rule that may allow you to deduct home improvements in one year
  • New IRA (MyRA) and tax credits you may be eligible for

The webinar is one hour long and starts at 10pm Eastern Time. The cost is $25.

January 20th: Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs

The webinar will cover how to deal with:

  • Custody issues
  • Parents showing up drunk or without a car seat
  • Parent lawsuits
  • Illegal discrimination
  • Privacy, and
  • Defending your program from attacks on the Internet

The webinar is one an a half hours long and starts at 2pm Eastern Time. The webinar is free.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    I registered for your webinar on Jan. 19th. Followed the instructions and gave credit card info. But did not get confirmation and lost the page. Would you please check on that.

  2. I went to a state seminar and the speaker mentioned that Acupuncture, Massages, and Chiropractic are Businees Expense , er Tom Copeland, not as a medical deduction expense.
    is this true?

    I enjoyed your seminar for the Douglas County Childcare Assoc.

    • These expenses would not be a business expense if they were for you. That’s because they are considered personal by the IRS, like clothing or yoga or a gym membership. They may make it easier to do your work, but they are personal, not business.

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