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6a0133f3fc5805970b01a73dbe2d12970d-320wiHow should you handle the following three situations?

First – A mother calls you up and says, “My husband and I are starting divorce proceedings and I don’t want him to pick up our child anymore.”

Second – At the time of enrollment the mother tells you that she is separated, but not divorced, from the father. One day a man shows up at your home saying he is the father and is there to pick up his child. The child runs to him, saying “daddy, daddy!” You’ve never seen this man before.

Third – Parents have joint physical custody and the father picks up the child on Fridays. The father tells you his new girlfriend will be picking up the child next Friday. The mother finds out and says she doesn’t want girlfriends picking up her child.

What a hassle!

It can be stressful when you find yourself being forced to act as a referee in disputes between parents.

These parent disputes can get intense and many family child care providers wonder how they can avoid being caught in the middle.

Here is the general rule.

Biological parents have equal rights to their children unless a court has limited their rights.

This is the beginning of my latest podcast, “Custody Disputes.”

In this podcast I explain how you should handle the above three situations and protect the legal rights of everyone. Here’s a transcript to this podcast.

This is the eighth in a series of podcasts I am doing on the business side of child care.

The podcasts are produced by Jeff Johnson of the Child Care Bar and Grill and are shared on the Explorations Early Learning Facebook page.

Here’s a link to all of my podcasts.

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Legal & InsuranceFor more information about custody disputes and other legal issues, see my book Family Child Care Legal & Insurance Guide.

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