Tom Copeland to Speak at NAFCC Family Child Care Institute in San Diego, July 6-9, 2016


I will be delivering several workshops for family child care providers and trainers as part of the National Association for Family Child Care conference in San Diego, California, July 6-9, 2016. Their annual conference is now called the Child Care Institute.

Here’s my training schedule:

Trainer Training (also open to providers who aren’t trainers)

Wednesday, July 6th, 8am-noon: Dealing with Difficulties: Enforcing Your Contract & Policies

Your contract and policies may be clearly written, but sometimes parents don’t follow all of your rules. This session will help you enforce both with the least amount of stress for you and the parents. This session will cover:

o How to establish consequences for parents who don’t follow your rules
o How to negotiate changes in your contract and policies with parents
o When and how to end your contract
o How to collect from a parent: small claims court or a collection agency?

Register here.

Wednesday, July 6th, 1pm-5pm: Don’t Let Your Income Manage You, Manage Your Income

Managing money can be a difficult subject to tackle for many providers. This session will cover:

o How to set your rates and evaluate them over time
o How to talk to parents about your rates
o How to raise your income without raising your rates
o How to keep more of the money you make

Register here.

Provider Training – dates and times have not yet been set

How to Get What You Want From Parents and Licensors

Family child care providers are sometimes too nice. Asking for what you want is the first step. Knowing how to negotiate is the second step. Learn how to enforce your contract and policies with parents and defend yourself against licensing actions.

How to Save Money on Your Taxes with Good Record Keeping Practices

Learn the five most important business deductions that will reduce your taxes. Master the key record keeping tasks that make the biggest difference in saving you time and money. Keep up-to-date with the latest tax law changes.

Introduction to KidKare Accounting Feature

This workshop will introduce providers to the newly updated KidKare online software (formerly Minute Menu Kids Pro). It’s now accessible from any Internet platform (Mac, IPhone, Ipad, etc.)! We’ll discuss the new advanced features of the software. Lori Johnson from KidKare will also be presenting.


Institute Details

The Institute will be held at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. The rate is $135 per night, plus tax. Deadline to receive this rate is June 2, 2016.

What’s Deductible?

If you come to the NAFCC conference, or any other family child care conference, you should take advantage of the many business deductions associated with your attendance.

You can deduct the cost of travel to the conference (car, plane, train, bus) if the “primary purpose” of your trip is business. That means that more than half the reason for your trip must be to attend the conference. Count your travel days as business days.

So, lets’ say you left for San Diego on Tuesday, July 5th, attended the conference all day Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday, went to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday, and returned home on Monday the 11th. Since the two travel days can be counted as business days, you have six business days and one personal day. Clearly, the primary purpose of this trip is business and you can deduct 100% of your travel costs.

If you drive to San Diego, you can claim $.54 per mile round trip.

You can deduct 100% of the hotel costs at the conference if you travel alone. If you travel to San Diego with your family, you can deduct 100% of what it would cost for you to stay at the hotel alone. The cost of a king bedroom at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center is $135 per night. You can deduct the full $135 per night if you bring along your husband and two children. If the children stay in a separate room, you could not deduct the cost of the separate room.

You cannot deduct costs for the personal day you spent at the San Diego Zoo (hotel, food, transportation).

If you hire an employee, your husband or your own children to help you with your business, and they attend the conference, you can deduct their travel and conference expenses. They must work for you enough to justify the expense of the conference.

Other costs you can deduct for your trip to San Diego: taxis to and from the airport, conference registration fees, tips, and food costs.

You can claim food costs in one of two ways: use a daily per diem or use your actual food costs. The daily per diem for San Diego is $64. You can only deduct 50% of this amount. So, if you left home at 9am on Tuesday, July 5th and returned home on Monday, July 11th at 9pm, you were gone for 6.5 days, you could deduct $195.25 as a food expense  (5.5 business days x $64 per day = $352 x 50% = $176). You do not need food receipts to claim this deduction. If you saved receipts of your actual food costs, you can deduct 50% of your food receipts.

If you paid someone to care for your own children (who was not a family member) while you were in San Diego, you could claim this amount towards your personal child care tax credit. If you hired someone to care for your daycare children while you were gone, you can deduct their wages as a business expense.

Join Me!

I encourage everyone who can to attend this annual conference. You’ll meet other family child care providers from around the country. There are many workshops on a wide variety of topics (details of the workshops will come later).

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  1. Tom, my hubby does so much work for my preschool… building playground, furniture etc, maintenance upkeep, cleaning [sometimes] but does not directly work with kids. I will attend the NAFCC institute this July, and just became a member. He’s going with me. How do I hire him as an employee? In TX I believe he is already my partner in this sole proprietorship. We file taxes together.

  2. Thanks so much Tom, I will look into that. Also look forward to seeing you in San Diego.

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