Tom Copeland Training References

IMG_0769My trainings have received many generous evaluations and references over the years:

“Tom has a wonderful knack for putting “complicated” tax issues and problems into a clear, concise bites of digestible information.” Provider at national family child care conference.

“Tom Copeland is a ‘lifesaver’ to family child care providers across the country, and an outstanding advocate for the best business practices in the field!” – Reva Wywadis, CCR&R, Kansas

“Tom Copeland has provided trainings at our Resource and Referral agency for over ten years and I would highly recommend him as a trainer, as well as an expert on record keeping and taxes for family child care providers. Tom is an engaging speaker and he has a rich background of stories and real-life examples to draw from in his training events. He is skilled at dealing with all kinds of participants (from the ‘know-it-alls’ to the timid/shy) and helps everyone feel comfortable to ask questions. The training events Tom has provided for 4-C have been highly rated by participants. We have many providers who come each and every year to hear Tom speak. That is really the highest compliment of all. I am pleased to recommend Tom as a trainer and would gladly sing his praises to anyone who has not yet had the privilege to be at one of his wonderful training events.” – Penny Chase, Professional Development/Training Manager, 4-C Community Coordinated Child Care, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin

“Tom Copeland is one smart guy!! And a great advocate for child care. I am a home child care provider (36 years) and also a trainer for CCR&R. I use Tom’s information in almost every training I do. You have increased the professionalism of this business by leaps and bounds. Thank you for your commitment. It has helped me stay in child care for as long as I have.” – Colleen Bakkegard, family child care provider.

“Tom Copeland is the greatest tax advocate for the business of family child care, period! As a tax preparer I want to take this opportunity to formally ‘thank’ Tom for his success in the Tax Court and audits. His hard work and dedication has provided us tax preparers with the support we need to minimize the tax liability and maximize the tax deductions for our clients who work in the family child care industry.” – Donald Gilbo, Washington

“Thank you for all of this work you have done to legitimize our businesses and careers of providing care for children in our own homes! I have a master’s degree in early childhood education. I have a fairly big variety of career options. I choose to provide family child care in my home because I believe that in a home with a healthy family is the most emotionally healthy place for young children to spend most of their time. Every time you make it easier for people to succeed at the business aspects of caring for and educating young children in their homes you increase the possibility that more healthy families will be able to start or continue to care for young children outside their families. The books you have published and the new tax policies you have pursued and won for home child care providers raise our professional standards for ourselves, shift the paradigm held of our profession by our culture at large to a more respected position and REDUCE OUR STRESS by making the business aspects or our daily and yearly work simpler and more lucrative. I am really greatful and excited that you are doing all of this work!” – family child care provider

“Tom Copeland is a rarity in the field of family child care, a person who truly cares about the providers and has spent 25 years ensuring that he puts at their disposal the tools, knowledge, and information they need to run a successful child care business.” – Greta Raney, MTN home, AFB, Idaho

“Tom Copeland is an outstanding advocate for childcare providers! Thank you Tom for being here for us.” – Jenelle Sampson, Washington

“On behalf of Child Care Choices, Inc. I wish to thank you for your participation at the Caring for a Lifetime Child Care Conference. Your presentation cause child care professionals to think and evaluate their role in the lives of children in their care. From this year’s evaluations the conference appears to have been an overwhelming success. That would not have been possible without your contribution. As a result of the excellent presentation you gave, I look forward to working with you in the future on other trainings or at other conferences. Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with our conference participants!” – Marcia Schlattman, Training Coordinator, Child Care Choices, Inc.

“Thanks you for spending a sunny Saturday at the North Central Technical College in Wausau. Our family child care providers were spellbound by your presentation.” – Michell Lee, Child Care Connection

“There are No words to describe what Tom means to the Childcare World. As the President of our State Association, there is not a day that goes by without me hearing from one of our providers being helped by Tom. He has helped us cross over the line from ‘babysitters’ to professional men and women. He has gone over and above the call of duty, and Childcare would not be the same without him.” – Monica Boyer, Indiana Childcare Association President, Indiana

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