Tom Copeland Training Topics

Worcester, MA trainingHere’s a list of the most popular training topics that I can teach. I’ve taught a variety of topics not listed here so let me know if your group is interested in a specific topic you would like me to teach.

Mastering Record Keeping and Tax Preparation

Participants will learn how to keep essential business records, claim proper deductions and legally reduce their taxes. Content includes:

* Updates on current IRS rulings affecting providers

* How to claim food expenses using the standard meal allowance rule

* The key record keeping rules that will save you money

* How to calculate your Time-Space percentage to maximize your deductions

* How to depreciate your furniture, appliances, home improvements, home

* How to avoid mistakes when hiring family members and other employees

* What to look for in a tax preparer

Coming to Terms: How to Effectively Use Contracts and Policies

Participants will learn how to establish an effective contract and policies and enforce their agreements with parents. Content includes:

* How to establish a business relationship with parents

* The four key elements of a contract

* How a contract and policies differ

* How to resolve conflicts and enforce agreements

* How to write a transportation policy that protects you and the children in your care

Successful Strategies for Marketing Your Business

Participants will acquire the knowledge and confidence to be better able to promote their business and succeed as a business. Content includes:

* What are the child care trends that will affect your business

* How to identify the benefits of your program

* Five key marketing strategies

* How to use the Internet to promote your program (Facebook, Craigslist, Child Care Forums, Online classified ads, etc.)

* How to compete against child care centers and exempt providers

* How to determine what to charge parents

Reducing Your Risks: Legal and Insurance Issues

Participants will learn how to protect the children in their care, their property and themselves. Content includes:

* Self-protection checklist to help reduce risks

* Insurance: homeowner’s and business property insurance

* Insurance: business liability and car

* Legal issues: custody disputes, price fixing, privacy, Americans with Disabilities Act

* How to find and use a lawyer

Managing Your Money: How to Save Money and Plan for Retirement

Participants will learn how to reduce their expenses, increase their income, save more money for retirement, and learn how to invest using the various IRA plans available. Content includes:

* Identify ways to reduce expenses and increase income

* Where to put money to meet short and long-term goals

* Learn how to prioritize long-term financial goals

* Understand the five basic rules of retirement planning

* IRA retirement plans for providers: Traditional IRA, Roth, SIMPLE, SEP, Self-Employed 401(k) plan

Child Care Centers

I can teach the following topics to child care center staff:

Coming to Terms: How to Effectively Use Contracts and Policies

Marketing Your Business

Reducing Your Risks: Legal and Insurance Issues

Managing Your Money: How to Save Money and Plan for Retirement

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  1. I was wondering if Tom Copeland’s book on policies included any contract or forms in regards to medical issues. For instance a medical release form or a doctors note form. Maybe language in the contract in regards to children returning after being ill? Do any of Tom books address this topic? Thank you, Jayne Watson

    • My book Family Child Care Contracts and Policies does not contain the policies you are looking for. However, the CD Redleaf Complete Forms Kit for Family Child care Providers does. It’s also available from Redleaf Press.

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