Tom Copeland Will Review Your Tax Return for $15!



Are you worried that you’ll make a mistake on your 2015 tax return that will cost you money?

If you could get Tom Copeland, the nation’s leading expert on family child care taxes, to review your tax return for $15, would you jump at the opportunity?

What if Tom offers to refund your $15 if he doesn’t save you at least that much on your taxes?

How to make this happen

To take advantage of this no-risk opportunity, you need to be using the Minute Menu Kids Pro software and be a member of The Child Care Business Partnership. (As of April 2016 the Accounting section of Minute Menu will be upgraded and renamed KidKare. At that time it will be accessible on any platform – Mac, PC, IPhone, IPad, android, etc.!)

Minute Menu Kids Pro is the most comprehensive, online family child care record keeping system available. You can use the software for free for 30 days to see all of its benefits. Here’s where you can subscribe to this software.

The Child Care Business Partnership is a partnership between Minute Menu and Tom Copeland to help users of Minute Menu Kids Pro save time and money. I offer Partnership members the following services:

  • Review of your tax return to help you identify all allowable deductions and eliminate errors
  • Over 20 instructional videos on how to use the Accounting section of Minute Menu Kids Pro
  • Individual assistance to review your Minute Menu reports throughout the year and answer questions
  • Help if you are ever audited by the IRS

Join The Child Care Business Partnership today and send Tom your 2015 (or 2014!) tax return so I can advise you how to save money on your taxes!

Once you join The Child Care Business Partnership, I will send you your membership certificate and a link to all the member benefits. You can then either email or mail me your tax return. I will review it and call you to discuss any issues I see. If you send me your return before you file it with the IRS you can correct any mistakes. If you send it after you file it with the IRS, I can advise you whether it will be beneficial for you to amend your return.

Join today and stop worrying if you are paying too much in taxes!


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