Tom Copeland’s 2016 Webinar Schedule Announced!


Here is the schedule for my 2016 family child care business webinars hosted by the National Association for Family Child Care.

They include a number of new webinars that should appeal to both new and experienced family child care providers.

January 12th: 8 Things Every Family Child Care Providers Should Know About Organizing Their Paperwork

January 19th: What’s New? Tax Changes You Should Know for Your 2015 Return

February 9th: The Top 5 Tax Deductions Every Family Child Care Provider Should Know About

February 16th: Your Most Important Tax Number: The Time-Space Percentage

March 8th: Worried About an IRS Audit? Preparing for the Possibilities

April 12th: The Facts, Not Fiction: The Financial Impact of Being on the Food Program and How to Claim Food Expenses

May 17th: Accounting Made Easy: Effectively Using the New KidKare Software (formerly Minute Menu Kids Pro)

June 14th: Don’t Let Your Income Manage You, Manage Your Income

August 9th: Communicating with Clients: The Importance of Strong Contracts and Policies

September 13th: Dealing with Difficulties: Enforcing Your Contract and Policies

October 11th: Internet Marketing: 6 Tricks to Make Your Business Shine

November 15th: Expect the Unexpected: How to Use Insurance to Protect Yourself From Real Life Scenarios

Each webinar is an hour in length and is recorded, so you can listen to it later. Participants can ask me questions during the webinar and will receive a copy of the power point and handouts after the webinar.

Each webinar costs $25 and is 100% tax deductible.

To see an overview of all the webinars, go here.

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  1. Are these webinars able to be counted towards our training hours for the state?

    • It depends on the state. Some states do accept the webinars towards training hours. You’d have to request this from your particular state.

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