Tom Copeland’s Family Child Care Business Curriculum Released

If you teach (or plan to teach) business topics to family child care providers my Family Child Care Business Curriculum was written for you.

This curriculum covers the five integral business topics of Record Keeping & Taxes, Contracts & Policies, Marketing, Legal & Insurance Issues, and Money Management & Retirement and is published in separate binders by Redleaf Press.

Each curriculum binder contains four classes that cover the topic. Each class consists of a power point and handouts (on a CD), learning objectives, teacher notes on each slide, and a trainer’s guide that includes teaching tips, commonly asked questions and answers, a quiz, and classroom activities.

I’ve been teaching family child care providers and offering train-the-trainer workshops over the past 29 years. I’ve incorporated everything that I have learned in my experiences into this curriculum and I am confident it will help you to teach this material in an understandable way. The curriculum does not include a copy of the book that I’ve written on each topic.

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  1. Thanks, Tom. If a trainer wants to train on these topics, is this all we’d need to do so or would we still have to take your ToT classes? Just wondering if buying would give us permission to teach your classes?

  2. Thanks for your question. You can teach these topics using just the curriculum. You don’t need to attend my ToT class before doing so. You don’t need my permission to teach providers using my materials. Do it!

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