Tom’s Videos and Podcasts

Tom’s Videos and Podcasts

Tom’s Videos

2015 Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer

Top Three Record Keeping Tips for 2016

An Introduction to Minute Menu Kids Pro

Minute Menu/Tom Copeland Partnership

How to Record Hours When Children Are Not Present in Your Home Using the Minute Menu Kids Pro Software

Here are six very short videos (less than two minutes) of me talking about “Record Keeping is Your Friend,” “Why Don’t Parents Treat Me Like a Business?” “Why It’s Important to Keep Accurate Records” and more. They were produced by the Professional Development Program of Rockefeller College, University of Albany, New York.

Videos on Tom’s Books: I’ve produced short videos on all the books I’ve written for family child care providers. This link is to the main page that displays all my books. Click on each book to see its video.

 Tom’s Podcasts

I’ve recorded a series of podcasts on the business side of child care in cooperation with the Child Care Bar and Grill.

A few examples:

What is the Measure of Your Success?

How to Handle Custody Disputes

Key Questions About Social Security

How to Compete Against Unregulated Child Caregivers


Here’s a complete listing of all my podcasts.


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  1. I was referred to this site to sign up for “Tom’s Blog” but I don’t see where I can do this.

    • On the home page of my blog, scroll down the left side until you see “Subscribe”. Then enter your email and you will receive an email every time I write a new article.

  2. Is the VCR “The Business of Family Child Care” available as a DVD? I love it for training, but not all facilities can play a VCR tape anymore.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Tom.
    How can I access your videos and podcast are they still available?

  4. Hi Tom

    How can I access your videos and podcast?

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