Vistaprint Postcard Service Can Help Promote Your Business


There’s a better way to reach potential customers for your family child care business than passing out flyers on your neighbor’s front doorsteps.

Mail a promotional postcard to families who have young children and live near you. You can even target your postcard to families with children based on their ages.

Vistaprint is one company that offers such a service.

You can buy a list of mailing labels or they will mail out the postcard. Child care providers have used this service with success.

Here’s how it works. Go to Vistaprint and choose the size of postcard, the design you want, and your message. Then you will be asked if you want to mail your postcards yourself or have Vistaprint mail them.

The next step is to identify the potential customers you want to reach. Choose “Residential Customers” and then decide whether you want to search for customers based on how close they live to you, your zip code or your county.

Next, select “Custom Options” and choose “Presence of Children” as well as “Children Age Ranges.” You can then choose what ages of children you want to reach: less than one year old, one year old, two year old, etc.

You will told how many households meet your criteria and how much it will cost to send your postcards to them. I tried this out and found that there were 296 families with children under age three in my zip code area. It would cost $.73 per postcard, or $216 to have Vistaprint mail a postcard to them. You can choose how many postcardst to send. If I wanted to send only 100 postcards it would cost me $.79 per postcard, or $79.

These lists aren’t perfect. Based on the experience of other family child care providers, the list may include families that don’t have children, or don’t have children of the age you are looking for. The lists are created by drawing from magazine subscriptions, customer credit card purchases, warranty card information and customer surveys.

There is an interesting discussion of the experiences of child care providers using this service on the forum.

Vistaprint is also used by many family child care providers for their business cards, signs, promotional items and other marketing products.

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Marketing smallFor more ideas about how to market your business, see my Family Child Care Marketing Guide.

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  1. How does Vistaprint know the ages of household members?

  2. How does Vistapring know the ages of the members of the household?

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