What I Wish I Had Packed for the Journey of Becoming a Family Child Care Provider

17930052575_524fb4d7cc_zThis article by Sonja Crum Knight describes the knowledge she wished she had possessed before she began her career as a family child care provider.

“It would seem that the most fruitful journeys begin when we have packed sufficiently. I now know that to create and maintain a high quality family child care business one must prepare in advance of the journey as well as while traveling. Securing a license is only the first step of the journey.

Knight then lists five steps that new family child care providers should take.

She ends her article by saying, “What you need to know most is that you are not alone; family child care is a vital delivery model of care and education that exists within a long tradition of community care. The more you know at the start, the better equipped you will be to fully serve the children and families in your program.

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