What is Unique About Halloween in Family Child Care?

4059617118_4920a28cd9_zIt’s the one day of the year that potential clients are knocking on your door!

Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your program. Parents with young children are walking down your street!

Although the child knocking on your door may not need child care, parents of young children know other parents of young children.

Therefore, you want to use Halloween as an opportunity to spread positive word of mouth about your program.

Here’s what to do on Halloween:

  • Put a sign outside your home that tells visitors that you are a child care provider and have openings: “Sally’s Day Care – Preschool Openings”
  • Hold a party that evening for the children in your program
  • Invite trick-or-treaters into your home to get their candy
  • Have business flyers available for interested parents
  • Put your business card in the children’s candy bag

Halloween is the perfect time to hold an open house. Invite neighbors to get a peek inside your home where they can see all the fun and educational stuff you have for children. If they talk to parents looking for child care they can tell them that they were inside your home and how great it looked.

The costs associated with Halloween are 100% tax deductible as advertising! Such costs include: candy, outdoor sign, pumpkins, your costume, business cards, flyers, party food, party decorations, etc.

If you don’t tell parents that you are a child care provider nothing is tax deductible.

If you are using Minute Menu Kids Pro software, enter all of your Halloween expenses under Activities.

Great ideas

One provider taped crayons to her business card that she dropped in the children’s candy bag. Another provider taped a toothbrush to her business card!

Finally, one provider gave fruit snacks with labels that listed her name and phone number. These last two ideas send a positive message that you care about children’s health.

What do you do on Halloween to promote your business?

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7 replies

  1. I’m putting my treats in a rubber glove and tying it Ag the top… Kinda cute for Halloween!

  2. We have done a trick or treat stop and eat for present and past students. All homemade food, pizza, chili, veggies, fruit, etc. In the past 7 years we have from 70-100 people, depending on when Halloween falls on. Definitely has led to our waiting list and future students.

  3. I’m setting up in my garage (with the door open) giving away candy this year. I have a large magnet advertising my daycare on the side of my van and figure I would park it right next to my garage (it would only be about 20 feet away from me), so everyone walking up will see it. Is that enough to be able to deduct the candy, decorations for the garage and my costume? Or should I take the sign off my van (it’s magnet) and put it closer to me?

    • You can deduct these expenses as long as it’s clear that you are a family child care provider. I’d take pictures showing the sign and the garage.

  4. I hand out books with a business card tucked inside.

  5. I’m confused as to which category for recording the expenses. In your article you state that the costs associated with Halloween are 100% tax deductible as advertising! But, later you state that if you are using Minute Menu Kids Pro software, enter them under Activities. So which is it? Those are two separate categories in my Minute Menu software.

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