What’s Your Privacy Policy?

Parents who enroll their children in your family child care program have a high expectation that their privacy will be protected. You should assume that they don’t want any information about their family to be shared with anyone, without their explicit permission.

Do you post photographs of the children in your care on the refrigerator or playroom wall? Are the names of children posted on your bulletin board? Do children wear name tags when you go on a field trip? Do you allow parents to take pictures of children when they visit your program? Do you share pictures of children on your website or Facebook page?

There are all situations where the privacy of your daycare families are potentially being compromised.

The way to handle these common issues is to prepare a general privacy policy with a general permission form.

Most state child care licensing laws says that family child care providers must not disclose any personal information about the families in their care without their written permission, unless requested by a government agency.

Below is a sample privacy policy. If you currently engage in practices that raise privacy issues, include them in your privacy policy to get parent permission.

Sample Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for __________________________________ (name of your program)

I will keep all records and information about your family confidential and private. I will abide by my state’s child care licensing rules concerning privacy and will only release information about your family as required by state law or with your written permission.

Below is a list of common practices I follow that may raise a privacy issue for you. Please review these practices and initial each item to which you consent. If you do not consent, I will not share this information.

  • I post photographs of children around my home _____ (I approve)
  • I have a photo album/scrap book that prospective parents can view _____ (I approve)
  • The name of a child may be shown on their artwork or on their cubbies that is visible to visitors to my home. _____ (I approve)
  • Other __________________________________________________________________


This permission is granted through one year from the latest date below.

______________________________          ____________________________

Provider                                                                          Date


______________________________          ____________________________

Parent                                                                              Date


______________________________          __________________________

Parent                                                                              Date


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