When It’s Time to End Your Agreement with Parents

6a0133f3fc5805970b01538ed2e463970b-200wiUnder what conditions should you consider immediately terminating your agreement with parents?

* A parent deliberately violates your contract or policies

* A parent falsely accuses you of child abuse or neglect

* A parent threatens you or your family

* A parent owes you money and refuses to follow a repayment plan you have suggested

In all of these situations the parent has broken your trust and may create further problems if you allow them to continue bringing their child to your program.

Some child care providers are reluctant to immediately terminate care because they feel an overwhelming responsibility for the child. But when the child’s parents start behaving irresponsibly, it’s no longer about you or the child. When a relationship becomes unhealthy, you should end it right away.

Many child care provider contracts read, “Provider must give a two-week notice to terminate the contract.” Instead, I strongly recommend that you change this to, “Provider may terminate at will.”

It’s reasonable for you to be able to terminate your contract immediately, if necessary, to protect your business and your family. You always have the choice of giving parents a notice if you want.

I would also recommend that you require parents to give you at least a two-week notice when they want to terminate your contract. This will allow you some time to fill the space in your program.

Tom Copeland – www.tomcopelandblog.com

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Contracts & Policies book For further information see my book Family Child Care Contracts and Policies.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Your Family Child Care Contracts Book is a bible for anyone in the daycare business. It was/is a huge help and resource to me. I tell my daycare collegues that contracts are necessary as it makes your business look professional plus it lets parents know up front what your payment rules are which you can choose to enforce or not. Also, if ever you have to go to court for fees with a family, a signed contract is always the best defense!

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