Is “Risky Play” a Good Idea?

The most important job of a family child care provider is to keep the children in her care safe. State child care licensing rules dictate that providers must follow certain supervision and safety standards, both inside and outside the home…. Read More ›


Outdoor Deductions for the Summer

For family child care providers, summertime means being frequently outside with children. Here are some possible outdoor business deductions: Children’s toys: baseball, basketball, soccer ball, Frisbee, skateboard, tricycles, bicycles, wagon, bike helmet, jump rope, riding toys, roller skates, scooters Children’s… Read More ›

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  • Should You Copyright Your Contract and Policies?


    Once a family child care provider has written her contract and policies, how can she protect herself against someone stealing it for their own use? Copyright law gives protection to the original authors of written works. In addition to protecting… Read More ›

  • What’s Your Excuse for Not Purchasing Business Liability Insurance?

    Legal & Insurance

    Business liability insurance protects family child care providers from the risks associated with caring for children. These risks include: Injuries to children: A child breaks her leg falling off your backyard slide or a toddler losers his finger after catching… Read More ›

  • How Can You Distribute Your Marketing Materials?


    One of the cheapest ways for family child care providers to get the word out about their program is to distribute marketing materials in their community. Obviously, you want to distribute them in locations where parents with young children will… Read More ›

  • Record Keeping Quiz


    Here’s a short quiz to fresh up your record keeping skills: 1) If a day care child naps in one of your own child’s bedroom for thirty minutes a day, four times a week can you count this room as… Read More ›

  • Tom Copeland’s Redesigned Web Site is Launched!


    Welcome to my newly redesigned web site: Tom Copeland’s Taking Care of Business! I’ve added some new features to help family child care providers be more successful as a business: * Ask Tom – Where you can ask me questions… Read More ›

  • If a Child Smashes it, How do I Deduct it?


    One of the hazards of running a family child care business out of your home is that children can damage your property. Here are some real examples of damage caused by children as reported on Daycare.com: * A child puts… Read More ›

  • How to Get Your Credit Report and Credit Score


    Do you know the difference between your credit report and your credit score? Your Credit Report Your credit report includes information on your address, Social Security number, employment information, how you pay your bills, and whether you have been sued… Read More ›

  • Are You Responsible if a Child is Injured After Being Left in a Car by a Parent?


    Update! After talking with an insurance agent, I’ve made some changes in this article. The changes recommend that you do not have a policy about calling parents who are late. We’ve all heard stories about children being injured or dying… Read More ›

  • Are You Obligated to Continue Caring for a Child?

    graphic of woman reading to children

    Do family child care providers have a legal obligation to continue caring for a child in their program? That’s the question a provider asked me today. She has cared for two children from one family for almost four years. The… Read More ›

  • How to Determine the “Primary Purpose” of a Car Trip


    Family child care providers can deduct expenses associated with their car based on the number of business miles they drive. You can count the miles of a trip as business as long as the “primary purpose” of the trip is… Read More ›