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Do you have a question about the business side of family child care? I’d love to answer it.

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  1. I love the advice and articles. I’ve used it to assist my wife in making decisions etc. I built a website for her home daycare and followed a bunch of the marketing tips you suggested. Thanks!

  2. Question: What to do when a parent refuses to pay for services already given and their child is no longer enrolled at my facility?

    • You should send them a letter asking for the money they owe you and tell them that if you don’t receive it by a specific deadline you will take them to small claims court. Go to the courthouse in the county the parent lives in and sue them. It’s a simple process and if you can show records of when the child was in your care and a contract showing how much the parents owe you, you should win. Tell your licensor you are doing this to protect yourself against a parent making a complaint against you later.

  3. I would like to change my home value and receive more of a depreciation deduction. I used the purchase value since that was the last verifiable appraisal (though 20 yrs old), but I recently received a new appraisal while refinancing. I really do not wish to go back and redo my previous tax returns. What is the process to update the value, is this possible?

    Sorry I posted before but did not see an answer.
    Thank you

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