Tax Preparer/Insurance Directory

Tax Preparer Directory

This directory is now hosted by the National Association for Family Child Care. Members of NAFCC have access to this directory. The list is somewhat dated, so you may find names that are no longer doing tax returns. Here is an article “Finding the Right Tax Professional.”

Insurance Directory

This insurance directory is a listing of companies and agents that offer a variety of insurance policies to family child care providers. The information was provided by the insurance company or individual. I am not recommending any individual or company on this list. I am making no promises about the insurance products they sell. If you know of a company or agent who should be added to this list, please contact me at

Before choosing an insurance policy, read this article, “Ten Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Business Liability Insurance.”

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  1. We would like to know if we are still listed as Tax Professionals throughTom Copeland?



    • I created the tax professional directory many years ago when I worked for a child care agency. When I left the agency in 2010 it was taken over by the National Association for Family Child Care. Earlier in 2015 NAFCC decided to make this directory available only to its members. They have also upgraded their website and have yet to re-post the directory for its members. I wish it was available to everyone, but I couldn’t change their decision

  2. This is probably the most “it actually makes sense” kind of post I’ve seen on on this

    subject. Best part… I didn’t have to go digging through some weird web design to find it.

    Awesome! PLEASE keep posting new material!

  3. I am a member it would be wonderful to have the list for tax professional’s again I am looking for one to do my taxes

  4. Hello I’m recently licensed. I was wondering is it best to start my business now or wait until the new year. So it will be simple when it comes to my taxes. I dont want to end up owing a lot and not getting a refund. Currently I am tax exempt where I’m employed now.

    • It’s better to start your business now because you can start earning money. Set aside about 20% of your income for your federal taxes. Check with your state department of revenue to see how much you should set aside for state income taxes.

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