How to Market Your Program on a Budget

1548271308_feb9cd1277_zMarketing your family child care business doesn’t have to be an elaborate campaign or cost a lot of money.

But, to be successful you will usually have to spend some money to market your business. Plan to spend a few dollars on marketing each month. Remember that all of your marketing expenses are 100 percent tax deductible!

Here are the top ten low-cost marketing tips. If you are just starting out or need to fill an opening and don’t have much money, try these ideas first. If you use all ten ideas, you can expect to spend less than $200 in a year, or about $15 a month. The costs below are estimates. They can vary widely in different parts of the country.

Top Ten Low-Cost Marketing Tips

  1. Choose a name for your business and register it with your state. Cost: $30
  2. Print 250 business cards listing your name and phone number. Distribute them to friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Vistaprint offers free business cards. Cost: Free
  3. Create a one-page flyer about your program. Identify three things that are special about your program. Distribute 100 copies at local businesses, churches, schools, etc. Cost: $25
  4. Record a friendly and professional greeting on your answering machine or voice mail that identifies your business and invites parents to leave a message. Cost: Free
  5. Place a classified ad on an online classified ad service. Cost: $25
  6. Talk to your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency about being listed on its referral service. Ask a referral counselor for tips on how to attract clients. Cost: Free
  7. Join your local family child care association and take advantage of its member benefits. Cost: $30
  8. Offer a finder’s fee to anyone who refers a parent to you who enrolls and stays at least one month. Cost $50
  9. Create an inviting and safe first impression for parents by cleaning up the outside of your home and your entryway. Cost: Free
  10. When a parent calls about your program, make sure you follow up with a thank-you note and a return call to try and schedule an interview. Cost: $.49 postage

Total estimated cost: $160.49

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Marketing smallFor many more marketing tips, see my book Family Child Care Marketing Guide.

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