May 2014: Summer Deductions

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Here’s my latest instruction video:

How to Create a Custom Expense Category:

This short video explains how to create your own expense category, if you don’t want to use any of the expense categories that are programmed into the Minute Menu Kids Pro software.

I’ve posted all the videos I’ve done here.

Summer Deductions

Don’t forget to deduct these summer expenses:

Children’s toys: baseball, basketball, Frisbee, riding toys, scooters, etc.

Children’s activities: admission charges for museum/zoo/recreation center/swimming pool, burn spray or lotion, picnics

Children’s equipment: swing set, picnic table, playhouse, wading pool, water toys, sandbox/sand

Outdoor items: lawn mower, lawn/deck furniture, lawn maintenance service, lawn sprinkler, hedge trimmer, garden hose, gloves, tools (rake, shovel, etc.) wheelbarrow, plants, flowers, scrubs, trees, flower pots, mulch

Other: grill, shed, power tools, window air conditioner, ceiling fan, wind chimes, etc.

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