Tom Copeland Blog Rated One of Top 50 Money Management Blogs


Direct Capital, a national financing company, has chosen my blog as one of the top 50 Money Management Blogs in the country.

In their announcement they write, “There are thousands of money management blogs, but we think these 50 are some of the most helpful, informative, and useful you’ll find.”

This is a wonderful honor for me.

Although money management is not commonly discussed in the family child care field, I’ve always felt it was important for providers to pay more attention to spending wisely and saving for retirement.

I’ve written many articles about money management and retirement on this blog and have also written a book Family Child Care Money Management and Retirement Guide.

After reviewing the other 49 blogs chosen for this honor, here are a few that I think might appeal to you, along with one of their articles:

My Money Blog“Rule of Thumb: How Much Car Can I Afford?”

Money Musings “Debt-Free is Nice, But…”

Get Rich Slowly “You Are the Boss of You: How to Find Success with Life and Money”

Chief Family Officer“Top Ten Ways I Save Money”

Bargaineering“Mobile Finance Apps Have Reduced My Spending…And I Don’t Even Use Them”

Are there other money management blogs that you find useful?

Tom Copeland –

Image credit: Direct Capital

Money Management smallFor more information, see my book Family Child Care Money Management and Retirement Guide.


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5 replies

  1. Tom,
    That is great! You are such a great help to all of us family childcare providers!

  2. That’s awesome Tom! The pat on the back is well deserved! Thank you for all that you offer us, you make such a difference!

  3. Thank you Tom for all your hard work! I have been in child care for 31 years and have most of your books……love them all.

  4. Tom —
    Congratulations — You have been a great resource to all family child care programs. I recommended you to everyone I know! I am glad the larger financial community recognized what we already know and appreciate and that is … you provide sound, practical financial expertise.
    Thank you we are all very fortunate,

  5. I am so happy for you. You go above and beyond to help us home daycare providers effortlessly and timelessly. I appreciate all that you do and glad you are getting recognized for it.

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